Completed my first day of my career

I started my first paid job as a resident care worker today after a year at school. In my field there is different places to work at there is long term care which is senior homes, community care which is senior homes but they can watch themselves better, acute care which is hospitals and mental health, and home care which is where you work in someones home. There is also government and private. Government pays more and is harder to get into, private is not funded by the government and is usually a little easier to get into but they pay less. When I was practicing in college I had to work at a government long term care home. I found it overwhelming with how busy it always was and the staff that worked there at the “I’m better then you attitude” and lacked a lot of teamwork. I loved the residents but I didn’t get along with staff members which was not good. It didn’t help that my classmates bullied me. So I took medical leave to get my head cleared and take a breather, but I plan to go back in January.

Well today I started my first job at a private facility in my hometown. It has a mix of long term, community, and independent living. I like that it is not as crowded as the government facilities, it is still busy but it’s not to many people. I met a lot of the residents and they loved working with me. I also made friends almost automatically with my coworkers, they even started calling me Danny, which was cool for me cause not many people give me nicknames. I also for the first time felt fully confident in a job. Usually I’d be nervous every single day at any job, in my past senior home I got a lot of anxiety too. Not cause of the residents mainly cause of my coworkers, classmates, and being graded by teachers. I am in orientation till Tuesday and have a checklist of 45 things I need to do to keep the job and today I only had 16 remaining things to do I just need to finish those before Tuesday. In conclusion I’m really enjoying this job so far and I’m excited to see where it brings me.


"Completed my first day of my career"
the way which that’s worded sounds like you’re seeing things in a greater light than before. that’s very good. and congrats

@dannyboy6657 You sound both confident and happy. That’s an excellent first day! :slight_smile: