Complete Med Overhaul

I saw my pdoc this morning, and he completely overhauled my meds. He took me off Haldol and replaced it with 5mg twice a day of Prolixin. He also added Lithium 900mg twice a day. And finally, he saw my Sonata was not putting me to sleep and added Sinequan 50mg to take before bed. I’m still on the Depakote and Keppra for seizures. On the seizure front, he concluded that I have Epilepsy and chronic Paranoid Schizophrenia together. Not an all-in-one package as was once believed. Yikes! So many changes!

Well good luck!

I like for Drs to make one medication change at a time, so I and/or he knows what’s causing any changes in the way my mind works.

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I don’t quite understand, is the change good or bad for you?


Great point.

Good luck Alien~
My son is also on prolixin ( injections ) once a month.
He is also on cogentin

good luck. check your liver enzymes thats a lot of meds.

Hope the cocktail makes you sleep well and dream about nice things. I am sleeping pretty well on my magic handful of assorted tranquilizers and requiring like 600mg of caffeine per day to function. LOL

But really I hope this works. Not getting sleep worries me, lack of sleep for schizophrenics is very bad and can make symptoms worse, so I have experienced and been told by my doctor. I sleep about 9 hours a night- think I already told you that.

Thanks @mortimermouse. I need to catch up on my sleep big time. I’ve had symptoms come creeping back in over the past few weeks. I just took my night time meds, and am hoping against hope that I will soon be asleep. We’ll see.

Good luck with all that. I hope this works out of you and you can get some sleep.

Thanks @SurprisedJ. I got 6 hours of sleep. Not as much as I need or want, but I’ll take it. :worried:

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I think you may not have schizophrenia, alien99, because you look very sharp when on antipsychotics. I hope the pdoc gives you a chance not being on any antipsychotics for 6-12 months and see how things go with that. Wish you good luck.

I just was trialed on being off them. 2 months into it, and I started to develop symptoms again.