Complaint of mine

People change the course of your life for the worst and laugh about it.

My mother used to lie a lot about me, still kinda does, and also frequently takes statements & philosophies that I have come up with and shared them with co-workers and family as “her own”. She has gossiped a lot, same with the entire family, about my diagnosis - almost treating me as if I were mentally retarded as opposed to suffering an illness. She’s quite the bitch, married four times now; that says something.

The family also looks down upon me for moments I had with SZ where I was developing new coping mechanisms - some of which included talking to myself, clapping, or even cadence shouting. They even tried getting cops to hunt me down and escort me out of the residence for good over a lot of these instances. Simply no sympathy, empathy, or mercy in my family.

I hope I never have to interact with them much more. It’s all artificial how I act around them, and my brain always feels worn & stressed out after interacting with them for more than an hour.

Those are some of my complaints.

I have an excellent loving and caring family and top notch friends. No complaints here!

But I developed my Sz later in life…after all of my friendships and family ties were already ‘cemented’. I can see this affliction being tougher to manage when having to deal with it in your formative teenage or young adult years.

They can if you allow them to.

Why let them take your power?
Deflect their attacks by not reacting, and soon they venture on to others who will give them what you are not-
a reaction.

That’s what those idiots need to sustain their life-
your attention.

Starve them of it,
and they feed on those who will give them what they need.

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