Competent children of sz mothers

I dont know how to post an article or link. But this article had my interest, as a psychotic mum of a young boy. Because I am often worried about the risk to my son, this was st positive. Some children of schizophrenic mothers are tested to be extra competent, colorful and creative. More than kids of normal mothers.


I am a sz mother and he is two. I sometimes wonder if he will have sz but my mom says there is no way of knowing til he gets older. Sometimes he gives me these looks and I am like woah that’s scary. I only see him supervised once every two weeks because of my sz. I am working on seeing him unsupervised. The lady at family courts said just because your disabled doesn’t mean you can’t be a good mom.


My son is above-average in intelligence and extremely creative. He’s also extremely sensitive and perceptive… He does have sz but he copes extremely well. It has kept him from pursuing some things in life because he has to avoid stress as much as possible, but he adjusts and makes choices that benefit him.
It never occurred to me that he would inherit my mental issues. I just didn’t know. When he did I was devastated and felt guilty, but I encouraged him that there’s still plenty of life to live. He has plans for his future and, although I wish he didn’t struggle at all, I’m really proud of him and happy that he chooses life. It’s not a competition for success. If my son chooses life and keeps himself safe, that’s a win.


I often worry about what my sz will do to my daughter. She’s only 1.5 years, but already gets scared when someone knocks on the door. I’m assuming that’s my fault and she’s only going to continue picking up on my fears.

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