Compensation from my landlord, no heating for 10 weeks

further email to supported living manager

And did I have capacity to sign that letter, it wasn’t explained to me by anybody. I lack capacity with finances yet can sign a legal binding document,

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I would think that they would also consider whether or not the landlord fixed the issue in a reasonable amount of time. Things are going to break down. I think the court would give him a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue. 10 weeks does sound like a long time though.

If I lack capacity with finances can sign a legal binding document to do with finances?

I have social services manage my money as I’m deemed to have no capacity with finances.

I agree. You are a vulnerable mental ill adult. Your signature can easily be fought in court


I gotta tell you, this whole thing sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. First you have to go to court to fight your signing of the document. Then if you are seeking damages you have to go to court and argue that there were damages even though it wasn’t cold out.

You have already said that you did not want to get your landlord in trouble so the legal portion is off the table.

It sounds like you only want to sue for damages which I doubt is going to get you much considering this statement:

I think you are wasting your time personally.

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I only want my cheque that they promised.

But on reading on the internet UK law I’m entailed to ask for 30% off my rent compensation so what’s 30% off £2040 for 10 weeks rent.

fifteen character

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You don’t need an expensive lawyer and a big court case to get through this, just make use of the advisory services available to you for free. No one here is in position to give you expert advice.

sorry 612
I put in 33% the first time

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This is true. Most of us don’t know the laws of your country. I still personally say that it is probably not worth your time to fight both the legality of your signature and then a civil case but that’s up to you.


@Bowens I agree. I just want my cheque they promised. My 3 housemates got there’s already.

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I’d definitely seek free legal counsel. You can decide after that if it’s worth it. But it would probably be a lot easier and less risky than attempting the same thing in the US.

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