Compensation from my landlord, no heating for 10 weeks

We’ve had no heating or hot water for 10 weeks, Our boiler is fixed now. The landlord has all offered us (I live with 3 other people in group home) £100 each as compensation as well as bringing tin of biscuits and chocolate around for us. Thing is we have to sign a document saying we won’t take things further and they do not take responsible for the no heating not working.

Could they get into trouble if we took things further? This is not a independent landlord but one that has properties for people with disabilities and its more a organisation. Whey would they have us sign legal binding papers?

I’m not too bothered as it wasn’t cold at the time and we have a electric shower so I signed.

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A 100 quid is peanuts for what he put you through. Definitely get a legal opinion from the nearest citizen’s advice bureau.


That is not equal.

Being without heat for 10 weeks is a big deal.

Screw the biscuits and 100 whatever,

Get an attorney.

Your landlord owes so much more and they are trying to take advantage of you.


100 and biscuits isn’t much but getting a lawyer, going to court could end up costing you a lot, and if you lose he can counter sue you for his court costs. You would also make an enemy of your landlord.

There is more than just 100 and some biscuits to consider.

Brainstorm some good ideas on why you want more and then try negotiating a better deal with him before signing any papers.

Edit: oh, you already signed them. He is bound to send you the cheque then, now you do have a legal case.

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Since they haven’t sent the cheque yet they haven’t lived up to there side of the deal so my signing the papers is void? I gave them ample time to send the cheque .

@Headspark I understand your point but this isn’t a independent landlord, its a big organisation that deals with properties for disabled people. They would have no reason to kick me out as they know they’ve done wrong.

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Not everyone has a moral conscience. Just be careful.

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That makes thing a whole lot worse.
They’re taking advantage of you all.


Going to court they are going to consider the amount of damages sustained, and if it wasn’t cold out when you had no heat, I would say that your damages were low. I think you were fine signing.


Yes but if somebody had disabilities that required one needs hot water, especially for cloth washing or bathing they could get into more trouble?

And why would they be so quick in offering us £100 and us sign a letter saying we are not going further in our complaint?

It’s probably not like in the US.

Having no heating or hot water is taken very seriously here where I live. Landlords face serious fines or even criminal cases. Also, 100 pounds wouldn’t cover heating and hot water for even a month in a tiny and well-insulated apartment.

@bobbilly you should find out what the laws are in the UK. You probably qualify for some kind of help that would make pursuing this free or much cheaper.

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email I sent my supported living manager

Following on from my last email. If I don’t receive my cheque soon I say Progress haven’t lived up to there side so my signing the papers is void. I wish to continue and pursue a complaint against Progress for lack of heating for 10 weeks. After speaking to people they say we’re being screwed with a £100 cheque and tin of biscuits especially when this is a large organisation that deals with people with disabilities, this in-fact makes having no heating for 10 weeks worse.

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I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds incredibly sketchy. I wouldn’t sign that under any circumstances, and would most definitely seek legal counsel. Anytime someone gives you a tiny amount of hush money under condition of signing a legal document to not take the issue farther, is the exact time you should refuse to sign and take the issue farther. This sounds damn near criminal, but I’m not a lawyer, and I’m sure not a lawyer in the UK. From my layperson perspective it sounds like a charitable organization taking advantage of disabled people, which is down right evil.

Its not even about the hot water and heat, its about the principle of giving a very tiny amount of hush money under the condition of signing a legal document to not seek compensation you may very well be entitled to.

In fact, even if you did sign you should still talk to a lawyer, it may not even be legally binding.

Given your diagnosis it might be void anyway.


@anon9798425 I lack capacity with financial matters and my manger said take it as thats all your getting so don’t rock the boat. quote.

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Well, I was thinking more about a civil lawsuit where he was seeking damages. I wasn’t really considering the legal ramifications. If his goal is to get the landlord in legal trouble that may be a different story.


I certainly don’t want to get the company in trouble. Apart from the heating and them fobbing us off they are quit a good company. I pay £816 - 4 weekly months in rent to rent one bedroom which is expensive so expect heating out off this,

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I’m not sure how the legal system works in the UK. It is pretty different from here. But that is probably an option too.

Can you get free legal consultation from a lawyer about this? Before you decide whether to pursue it.

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I probably could get legal advice.

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