Comparison is @#$%

I was always told by my parent and people around me not to compare,it will cause lot of bad/unhappy emotion.I had bad habit of comparing with people who does better than me in specific ways,when I make comparison I get jealous,envy and then I sort of give up in the end…

Now I still compare but I do it less frequently and lesser extend but when I do it I feel bad,so I got to remind myself that I don’t compare


Yeah it’s tough to not slip into that kind of thinking. You’ll get control of this if you keep at it. I still struggle with it from time to time.

We’re all just people. We’re all different. Just gotta find your strengths. (I still struggle in recognizing those too.)

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I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and I’m also lucky enough to find things cool without going over board with it.


used to compare myself alot too, i would be jealous…i would tell myself that is where i should be, even now, ive just graduated but i still dont know wtf i want to do…i moved back home for a week and ive procrastinated for most of it.

my attitude.


Thanks,that’s good!


Yeah man. I’d only compare yourself with who you are(if that can be done) now in attempt to become who you want to be.

Ah you’re always deleting posts,

I think that is the message of the image. Compete with who you are to better yourself.


I have a posting phobia. good advice though.

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Comparison is ultimately what led me to quit writing music and playing the guitar & drums. I don’t care, though, it was tedious, frustrating, and simply not what I wanted out of life anyway.

I hated pouring hours of work into pieces and hearing people say the rudest things about my work, and what truly stunk is that I knew it was good, plenty of reviewers liked it, it just wasn’t my place.

At least now I have learned to narrow down what specific musical pieces can actually impress me and do a good number on my brain. That’s all I’m after now, brain enhancement & exercise from audio.

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I know it’s hard to get out of that habit of comparing your bad sides with other ppl’s good sides.
It just gets wrose when you try to win because the more you try to win the deeper you dig into that habit of comparison.

Just try to put down the shovel, stop digging and realize that when you compare your good sides with ppl’s good sides, you are about the same.

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