Comparative outcomes in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

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I don’t see the need for electric shocks in psychiatry. I have problems with depression, and the right AP, Cymbalta, works like a charm.

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Thanks for posting. My Pdoc recommended that I have ECT once again (8 treatments) and after that one treatment monthly. .

But last time i had some memory loss (i lost an expensive and loved bike, because i could not remember where i had parked it the day before and i had several conversations i can’t remember).

I hope I can avoid it. But my AD’s hardly work anymore, and i have tried them all, so i might consider it.


@bluebutterfly I hope things don’t go that far. Your own experiences with ECT have been quite negative and that’s not unusual. Also the relapse rates for ECT treated depression is very high. Danish psychiatrists (especially male) have an unnatural fondness for ECT and unsurprisingly they exaggerate its benefits. As you can tell I’m very biased against it. :wink: Good luck whatever your choice. By the way, have you considered now that things are easing up spending a week or two somewhere hot?

Thanks so much @seksoempirico

Yes, I know that here in Denmark they use ECT a lot. Last time I had it, I did in fact improve, and only had minor memory problems (apart from the bike), but the thing that makes me hesitate is the risk of relapse.

I don’t want to undergo ECT treatment once every month and suddenly it stops working!!

Because - what then? It’s the last chance.

I have to wait a couple of weeks to let the MAO-inhibitor work (not the Stalin- inhibitor, @Om_Sadasiva ) :wink:

Well, right now i have not got the spirit to travel, and it’s quite hot here in Copenhagen. But I hope i get better and travel to one of the small canary islands in the winter.


There is also tms theraphy which they do it same process with less electrical impulses.doctors says that therapy also good against major depression

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