Company wants $32,000 a year for prescription CBD

On a call with investors this week, British-based GW Pharmaceuticals, who makes the drug, said it would cost roughly $32,500 per year. The medication does not contain THC, the well-known psychoactive component of marijuana responsible for the drug’s characteristic high.
Julian Gangolli, who leads GW’s commercialization efforts in the US, said the price point would keep Epidiolex in line with other epilepsy drugs and was largely based on feedback from insurance companies.
Gangolli also said that he expected the wait time to receive the medication — after patients get a prescription from a clinician — to be three weeks, on average. But before any prescriptions for Epidiolex can be written, the Drug Enforcement Administration must reschedule its active ingredient, the marijuana compound CBD.


Ok for UK people with the NHS(if approved for use), but a hefty cost for Americans .

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That is eye watering. You would think the bubble would burst on us prescription drug prices. But then again I think maybe they are kept high on purpose

Sadly that’s standard procedure for new US AP meds. Since we are so market based the limited market for the drug, the cost of lawsuits, and other factors make that the price. Capitalism is wonderful unless you are sick, or don’t measure up to certain standards.

Cannabis can literally grow anywhere fertile. All you need are the right seeds and you can grow it yourself, under lights or in the garden for a fraction of the price.

The seeds are becoming increasingly patented, and like GMOs they become sterile with autos, but in general a high cbd strength seed is quite easily available.

The profit margin on a plant that is basically free ( a few dollars for 150 grams per yield) compared to the pharmaceutical high end capitalised legal’ market is capitalism at its ‘finest’ i.e. exploiting a plant that can grow in your garden quite easily in the northern hemisphere cheaply, when it can be grown in lab and synthesised under licence for profit for capitalists to profit from.

It’s a cruel joke and you are being fooled. Cannabis plant form versus a ‘professional’ pill is the lie.

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I’m wondering if the pharmaceutical companies don’t work in tandem with each other to keep drug prices high. But the price of CBD should come down as they develop different manufacturing techniques and different strains of marijuana loaded with CBD. They might even develop synthetic CBD.

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My CBD oil 15 mg only costs about $35 a month. Why so expensive?

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I wonder that too. But I think that is illegal - not sure though.

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GW pharmaceuticals is a British company. They grow under licence from the government. They pay for the licence. That costs money. They process it and that costs money. They pay for clinical trials and that costs money. They market it (money).

What costs a few pounds and dollars in actuality, as the growing of it is very cheap suddenly becomes $32,000 a year for shareholders and governments to prosper from.

It is the way it is. A cruel joke on humanity.

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@labratmat, Then I’ll buy online for $35 a bottle rather than pay GW pharmaceuticals. Simple as that.

Your cbd only have 15mg Epidiolex is 100mg per dose,

I just brought some hemp cbd. It was $33 for 50mls of pure oil

The generality of that holds true for all other medications yet it is very much quite rare for a medication to cost 32 thousand a year. Every pill company has to pay to support their product but most is comparably affordable. I suspect the company is trying to bank as hard as possible as they can on this safe medication

Absurd. Who is going to be able to afford that? I realize they have to try to cover expenses for researching the medication but if no one can even afford the med then what is the point? Everyone will just use normal pot. Better to get something cheap that has an unneeded side effect of getting you high that can give the same effect than spending over 30 grand on one tiny part of pot.


Good Lord, that’s basically extortion. Naturally occuring compound, dirt-friggin’ cheap to produce.

THIS is what sours people on capitalism.



Yeah it’s an argument I made for years. The average schizophrenic does not have the type of job (if she or he is working at all) to pay for it and ends on disability for that reason. In addition that disability system has rules that makes the schizophrenic a life long low class citizen whether he or she gets a lot better on the drug or not. The rules are improving but still have a ways to go.

Yo i was thinking about trying cbd too when i move back to the west coast. I just want to try it to see the effects of my psychosis… see if it will make it go away completely. But i heard theres shops out there that sell it without a prescription

Well this crap has gotta work before they can get that kind of money. They haven’t even proven that yet?

These prices are not sustainable.

R8ght now it is only approved for certain kinds of epilepsy.