Company -a rarity

The ideal is to have company when you need it and alone time when you need it. For many of us with a severe mental illness, and difficulty with social interaction, that can be hard to achieve. Even more so now a lot of day centres and drop ins are being shut down.
I hardly see anyone for socialising; family when they infrequently visit.
I do like my alone time but not all the time. I can go for weeks hardly saying anything to anyone.

I am sure it is not healthy, but to put it bluntly mental health services don’t give a damn.
If they had given a damn they would not have forced the local Rethink to close all their drop ins and their befriending service in order to get continued funding.
Medication is important but the neglect of the social effects of severe mental illness is nothing short of scandalous.


I agree…I have very few friends and I very rarely get together with them…I feel like if I was doing better I should want to socialize more…right?

To be fair to the mental health services not much money is flowing in at any particular time and the need that has to be provided for things like suicide prevention, the costs of medication, and crisis situations can outweigh our social needs. Mental health is not a popular cause for charities or governments to give much money too due to the stigma and the lack of understanding of our complicated illnesses because after all they can’t hear our voices and there are no effective drugs for the negative symptoms which also make employment and socialization difficult. There’s only so much they can do for us. Maybe we can find our own places to meet. By the way this is one of them.

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i’m trying to balance my own lifestyle with that of my friend just now, trouble is that my friend has grown too attached to me, its ridiculous, so i am trying a few things instead of just fighting with her verbally and getting nowhere,

she suggested that i charge her for staying overnight like i use to charge my guests so i tried that but it hasn’t really been working,

i just want a bit of space to think


“It is better to live alone, there is no companionship with a fool; let a man walk alone, let him commit no sin, with few wishes, like an elephant in the forest.” ~ The Dhammapada, Chapter 11, The Elephant

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