Companies that hire

Ok, maybe it is utterly useless but it’s (at least) worth to take a look at.
Companies that hire people with “disabilities” .


Unless your disability would prevent you from filling the job requirements, all companies have to consider disabled people when hiring.

So technically, ALL companies hire people with disabilities.

I bet companies like to hire those with obvious disabilities, to show that they’re good companies.

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You could be right, I honestly don’t know. Like I already mentioned in the post “maybe it is utterly useless”.
But hey, you never know…

My company hires disabled people if you want to be a janitor or landscaper. My first job after I got sick hired me knowing my condition. I stayed there four years. I can’t go into the whole situation but getting fired from that job was very good for me at the time. Here’s tangent : there are MANY employment agencies in my area who cater to disabled people. Some of them exclusively.

Thanks for posting this! Before you posted it, I didn’t realize that “People with disabilities can be appointed to Federal jobs non-competitively through a process called Schedule A,” and “One of the authorities in Schedule A relates to the appointment of individuals with intellectual disabilities, severe physical disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities (5 CFR 213.3102(u)).” Very interesting. Maybe I can get a job with the federal government! :smile:


Speaking as a small business owner, I put people into two categories: useful and useless. If you add enough value to my operation that I can turn a profit by hiring you, consider yourself employable. Any other labels you carry such as race, gender, and disability don’t matter to me that much.

One thing I will mention is that those of you – particularly youngsters – who think it is a great idea to cover yourself in tattoos and to stick bits of metal everywhere in your body… Have fun finding work. I find this weird and don’t want it around me. To be honest, neither do most of my customers. If your appearance disturbs my customers, I don’t want you around them.

I suspect that tattoo aficionados have more trouble finding work that schizophrenics do.


I mean tattoos are more acceptable, so are piercings. In todays day and age - in the more modern - liberal places of the United States (close to NYC) it seems normal or expected to have some kind of body art/ piercings, especially among the younger generation. It would be less accepting in your more conservative or rural parts of North America.
I for one have 6 tattoos and piercings on my ear lobe. I worked in the public school system as a paraproffesional - special ed teachers aide for years. No one openly judged me or criticized me for having tattoos.
I mean you really cannot judge someone just based on the fact that they have a couple of tattoos.
Neck or face tattoos are a different story - :wink:

I’m mostly Libertarian in my mindset. I really don’t care what other people do so long as I’m not the one getting the bill for it. That being said, if your body mods make my customers uncomfortable, I’m not hiring you. Your mental illness (not visible in most high-functioning SZs) is not visible and not an issue for me if it doesn’t get in the way of you helping my business make money. Also, if you make a lot of money for me, I’m obviously going to make sure I compensate you well as I want to keep you around.

You may not want people to judge other people, but they do, often within a second of first looking at you. Body mods tilt the odds against you. I’m pretty sure the whole body mod craze will die out again soon. It stops being cool when your middle-aged mom is running around in public wearing low-rider jeans with the tats on her love handles flopping around.



I decided long ago to never get a tattoo myself but I have friends with plenty of them and I agree that in this day and age they are far more acceptable than in the past or in certain places or cultures in this world. I see people with tattoos all the time and not just young people either.

I do have to say that there is a limit to my tolerance of body art as it is for some reason a turn off for me and therefor I would have a lot of difficult in dating someone with body art. I’ve thought that you know if it was someone I really hit it off with I would overlook this. I figure that considering the irony often found in life that the next love of my life is going to walk in someday and happen to be covered in body art…I’d be willing to overcome this turn off of mine but it would be difficult.

If I did ever for some reason get a tattoo it would be a variation of my profile avatar though.

Gonna be tough.

My legs and belly burn everyday all day and i can imagine myself taking orders with them telling me they are going to cut my head off in my mind.

And my mind is gone from years of pill intake.

“Would you like fries with that?”(god my body hurts all of the time. “we’re going to snap your back in half.” “what was i thinking? can’t remember because of pills”) Thats what it’s going to sound like.

Gonna be just a little tough. Im sure i could do it though if i set my mind to it, oh wait i don’t have one anymore! Gosh!

If someone be disabled then let them be disabled, it won’t hurt nothin.

I do realize that everyone judges - this is true. All I am saying is that in the more modern, liberal parts of society (towns) Body art is not that big of a deal. Many of the shops - stores - doctor offices - businesses employ workers with tattoos and piercings.

These employers have understanding to our illness which means we have nothing to hide. We can just be ourselves as long as we are productive. Next time it would not be an issue to apply leave to go to hospital for appointment with medical officer.

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I just don’t have anything to get really.

I don’t want anything to be honest and have nothing to tattoo because of this.

Maybe i could get one of a blank canvas? Just blankness?

Absolutely dear. And it’s not up to me to tell anyone what they should do. I just came accross it on the internet and thought I’d share it for those interested…

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Sorry for that double post up there…

Been dealing with wonky wifi lately…

I just applied for, and supplied what I believe is all needed documentation for, two job types with two organizations in the federal government. One was a job that I just had the degree and some experience for, and the other was a job type for which they were specifically advertising for people with disabilities (under Schedule A) to apply.

This post of Becca’s may turn out to be really useful. :slight_smile:


@AberrantSalienc I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Like groceries stores.

I heard nanny is a really good job for woman with tattoos and piercing. I don’t have any but thought I’d mention it. There is life after tattoos.

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