Community Garden Pics :)

I’ve been working in the Gardens every saturday for a few hours. It relieaves stress, and it helps our community. Overall makes me feel good.

@SurprisedJ I think you mentioned that you go to one too :grin:

Here are pics of stuff we sent to the food bank

Chard we harvested :slight_smile:

That is me all grimy from working and that chicken is photo bombing! My friends are beside me by I didn’t want to post their pics with out permission so I edited out their faces.

Today, we also planted four rows of bean plants for the summer crop!

Take care guys I hope you enjoyed :blush:


That must be very meaningful and satisfying work. Good job Sharp!

Working in a garden is very therapeutic.


Great pics. All for a good cause too!


This is great Sharpii! Well done! Proud of you


The first psych hospital I spent time in had a little garden for the patients to use. I think they then learned how to cook and eat the food they produced.

In fact originally the hospital had an attached farm where the patients would work. Agriculture and animals etc. Think the hospital was pretty self sufficient.


:chicken: chickens!

Good work, Sharpii! You look like you had a great time.

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Thanks so much guys :slight_smile:

It is really relaxing and fun to do!

@anon84763962 It certainly is satisfying. I love looking at all the chard and broccoli after I’ve cleaned and harvested it.

@everhopeful Thanks! That is the best part too.

@Minnii Thank you ! :smiley:

@Jimbob It really is great to learn how to grow the food from seeds. We put in some peppers a while back and will harvest them soon.

@Rhubot The chickens are everywhere!!! One lets me pick her up :slight_smile:


Is this volunteering work?

I love the ideas of community garden. :leaves:

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That chicken is all like omg sexy ladies photo shoot make way everyone.


Yep! All the food gets donated to the food bank.

Chicken are mischievous and fabulous creatures :slight_smile:

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