Commenting (in your head) everything you hear or see

It’s only for periods. I’m together with others. Someone says something and a commenting thought comments it often critically even i have nothing against it.

A: says B. And my intrusive thoughts say it’s because of C (a negative thing).

I can’t be myself, because there is this alien and negative thoughts and comments about others.

I’m caught in my own thoughts and can’t get into my own fluid, partly aware self.

I’m sick of it. I have to go and say pardon me.

It’s like having a really annoying visitor inside your own head.

But when i tell people i have to go because i have these commenting things, they are luckily very understanding.


Being is about being immersed in the present without any awareness. I hate this awareness.

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Tolle would describe this as “object consciousness”. It is when the mind judges and labels everything all the time. It is part of the ego centric mind where the individual is led primarily by the ego.

The trick is to pause. Identify with the space before the comment in your head. To let your mind rest. Be present with the moment rather than your sense where you think you are the voice that speaks.

You are not the voice that commentates in your head. You are deeper than that. You actually are the space that observes the voice in your head. Identifying that is key to a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Thanks, good trick, I will try it. I’m not that familiar with tolle. But it’s certainly a very egocentric symptom, and I would like, as I wrote, I could choose to be immersed in the present. I’m mostly am.

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Running commentary. I used to have that prior to being medicated. It was foul mouthed and rude and nasty. Commenting on me, and everything I did. I thought it was my id. I thought is was normal and everyone had this. Now he’s gone, it’s quiet. Such a relief.


Yeah - a running commentary, that’s exactly what it is.

I’m medicated, i have to take meds because of my depression, but strangely they makes this symptom worse. I can’t function without my meds, but they don’t help this symptom (in my case, i wish they could)

antidepressants never helped with that, it wasn’t till I started taking aps that it got quiet.


Lucky you, i’m on abilify and olanzapine pn. but it worsens it.

I might try to increase or reduce the dose. It’s very difficult to find the right dose.

But as @labratmat suggested it might be a psychological thing,

Yeah, just a further vent for my own sake.

The worst thing is not commenting on others, but my constant commenting on my own thoughts.
Comments on my own thoughts. I can’t be present.

I get that too. They comment on what I see and do. I get distracted when I am driving and the voices start commenting on where I am going, reading the signs on the side of the road, and even singing along to the music that I am listening to. It’s annoying and uncomfortable.

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My head is busy, too.


I used to have a voice that would comment on me in the 3rd person. “Dan is sitting” Dan’s going to go on the bus" Dan knows he’s good at this" etc…
That was when I was around 18 slowly on my way to getting more symptoms.


Yeah, me too. Running commentary


I was also suffering that issue. I used a trick that i let come the comment thoughts and after the half sentence change its words. Like if thought " I want to dance" is comming than change it to"i want to eat." or any other. It distract the mind and break the flow. But up the meds, it’s a positive symptom.

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