Coming up R1!

So been on a bit of a positive roll. Today I had my 6 week check in with the shrink. Ended up he was seeing another patient or something but they were running late. I got in 4 minutes early which is like a one in a million type dealio with the shrink. He’s always late…

Anyways I only had a couple of minutes to get down to the station which is a bit of a hike but my train was late too. If I had missed it I would have had to wait 30 minutes for the next one but ended up getting my train early.

Whooo Hooo…it’s definitely coming up R1 today. I think I’ll put a lotto in just in case! :slight_smile:


What is R1? I have no clue lol

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A shortening of Rogueone! It was used by others long ago in chat!

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