Coming to a realization

I am coming to the realization that I am just not a very good person. It is a tough realization.

Why aren’t you a good person? Rationale?

Just couple of things I have done in my life are really hitting me hard.

We’re all half good/ half evil…

It’s that fluid mix of personality that makes us all human beings.

“Gotta learn to live with regrets”…it’s my mantra. You can atone for the past by being good in the future. I’ve made some mistakes years ago, months ago, days ago…but I try not to dwell on it. Keep improving. Don’t beat yourself up

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My physical behavior is acceptable & fine, it’s my mental behavior that is shot. I feel like a broken down dog, so broken by the pain of the human brain - literal pain, not emotional stress. Death is looking more & more like a happy exit - even if there is no reincarnation or resurrection.

Just to be done with the raging headaches & blistering/splintering nerve pain would be exquisite.

as a kid i was a scoundrel. i learned better ways now that im nearly 40. perhaps we were bad so we can appreciate the good more

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past tense… don’t beat yourself up over the past…

let it go…

try to make today better then yesterday…

if you’ve burnt some bridges… (and we’ve all done that) rebuild other ones.

It’s hard to let the past go… but once you can… you can remake yourself to be a good person.

Give yourself a break and a chance.

Good luck… :v:

Just learn from those mistakes and try to not make them again, and as long as you aren’t intrusive in someone elses life give help .