Coming to a realization

It’s tough coming to the realization that i’m just some loser who won’t amount to anything. I had big dreams at one point. Now all i’m Left with is delusions of grandeur. They feel good, but they’re not true.


I’m sorry you feel bad after realizing your delusions are not true @Tyme . I would be devastated if everything I sincerely believed were not true.


You’re not a loser. This illness makes things take longer. I’m 34 and finally getting my stuff together. I’m going to be hired as a home health aide in the coming weeks. I have my own car and I’m engaged to be married. Don’t give up hope my friend. :sunny:


It’s sometimes nice thinking i’m Going to work for the Illuminati, be rich or be a politician.

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My delusions of grandeur revolve around my hypothetical next life. I think I’m going to be an astronaut or something.

I am unsuccessful. I had delusions of grandeur in the past as well, but not now.

I sit on FB all day waiting for messages from the powerful. It seems that mostly none come unless I’m psychotic.

My life is a true story of the soul lost in the world of good intentions.

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My friend you are very important…You are a special person with personal characteristics that no one else in the universe has. A unique piece of artwork. I guess you’re just feeling down right now, and all I can say is although It seems dark at this hour in your life, the sun will rise again. There are happy times and sad times and we with mental illness sometimes get the brightest and darkest days, but don’t worry. There are things you can do to feel better.

  1. Grant yourself something you like
  2. Cry (lets your sad emotions escape)
  3. Share your sorrows with a friend
  4. Contemplate the truth
  5. Take a shower/sleep I.e. Self care

@Tyme, I wouldn’t work for the illuminati if I were you. That is a very evil organization.

I don’t think it is as bad of an organization that it’s made out to be. It probably has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people in it. For me working for the rich and powerful would be an honor. In addition, it probably comes with good pay and benefits.

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