Coming out as MI

Since May is Mental Illness awareness month I’m thinking about creating a post for social media (all I do is Instagram) “coming out” as living with schizophrenia. I’m pretty locked up and no one really knows except those closest to me. Any thoughts or words of wisdom?


I’ve really thought about doing this on Facebook, but I’m not sure. I have a lot of people I’m “friends” with, and most of them I wouldn’t want to know about my MI. But I like the idea of “coming out” as schizophrenic – maybe it’d help someone else, or reduce the stigma.

I don’t really have any advice, just thought I’d share that I think it’s a cool idea.


No thanks, this is a private personal tragedy in my life.


Are these people your friends? on instagram i mean

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I’m pretty open with it now. It’s good for people to see we’re just regular people that just happen to have some issues.

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Most of them are. Really the few I interact with already know. More of a symbolic thing.

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Really bad idea.

It’s not everyone’s business.

Honestly it’s no one’s business and most people don’t give a ■■■■ whether you are mentally ill or not.

The less people I would have involved in being sick the better. The trend in this county right now is to get a big team involved like a kind of it takes a village thing. But really this is not a village so it should be a personal issue with as few people involved as possible.

I don’t know if anyone made you a thread or not but just noticed your cake.

Happy birthday @onepercentoff !

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I talk freely about my book about schizophrenia on my facebook feed…

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