Coming off Abilify

Hello all,

I have recently completely withdrawn from Abilify at my psychiatrists request. This has been replaced with Risperidone.

However, since coming off I have been feeling quite down. Does anyone in the community have any advise about what to do next?

Once your on risperdone. Always ask your doctor to include prolectine level for your blood test.

Definitely speak to your pdoc. He/she would be the best one to advise. Can I ask why they took you off Abilify?

When you write “down”, I’m assuming that you mean depressed? The only thing I liked about Abilify other than how benign it was for me physically, was the fact that it had pretty potent antidepressant properties for an AP. I too am on Risperdal but I need to take Lamictal with it because of its antidepressant qualities. talk to your pdoc about giving you something for depression if it is a concern for you - Risperdal alone might not be helping with your depression if this is what you have. Although Risperdal has some antidepressant qualities to it, Abilify is a better drug to ward of depression, in my opinion