Coming down from invega 75mg

Anyone know the suggested method of coming down from Invega injection 75mg (xeplion)?

I’m trying to reach my doc but now is the weekend and he probably won’t answer until monday…

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You could change to taking the tablets, the invega injections are expensive.


I think they just straight away lower it to the next lowered injection as it comes out your blood slowly. I just had mine lowered from 100mg to 75mg. No pills were needed in the meantime to get me down to that dose. My psychiatrist said it would slowly come out.

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thanks for the info…

as far as I know the lowest dose available is a 75mg injection… does this mean that I go straight to 0 or should I inject half an injection or something?



I didn’t know the lowest dose was 75mg maybe they will switch you to pills ?

I just looked it up and according to the website you can get a 25mg injection and a 50mg injection

Oh I didn’t know that… Maybe in my country the lowest is 75mg …
Are we talking about Xeplion?

Thanks for your help!

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Yes Xeplion 151515

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