Comfortably Numb (and Frozen)

It is cold and a major wave of precipitation is moving through
Of ice and rain
There is a crisis in Europe
I’m worried about my health
Winter’s bite has made me comfortably numb
We venture out and I see white trees
The temperature is near freezing
At least the heat is working
But I’m comfortably numb
Day after day the temp hangs near freezing
One day we have flurries
The next day ice
Just like the February I was in the Psych hospital
The crisis turns to war
Is the leader brave
Or suicidal and insane
He could have left
But didn’t
Another wave of precipitation is approaching tonight
And I feel a chill
I am comfortably numb
And uncomfortably scared
Of what will happen next

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Needless to say “Comfortably Numb” was a song by Pink Floyd in the 1980’s. This poem has nothing to do with the song.

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I wrote a short satirical piece and tilted it “A Modest Proposal”. I know Jonathan Swift used the same title for his satirical piece. The English teacher approved of the title I used.

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