Come out on the line!

That means in my language when you want to fight with someone you say"come out on the line". However,don’t know the words you use in that situation.I don’t have TV so I don’t watch movies.

@Wave …Can you help?

Ahhhh…forget it…

When I was a kid, we would say “you wanna go?” to start a fight. I don’t think most forum members are looking to fight others here, though.

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Thank you.I was looking for that.

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To “take this outside” is another way of saying you want to fight.

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“Come at me, bro!” :joy:

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“Try something”

You wanna fight.I feel like a pussy on this forum.Guidelines said you have to be civilized.

Ok,waiting to be suspended

I really doubt you’d get suspended for anything you said on this thread. I’ve said worse without suspension. Contrary to what some people on here think, the mods generally are decent, fair, and level-headed. There simply are some things they cannot tolerate.


Your cool man. Don’t think in to it to much. I think at some point we all would like to fight our voices.

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That is correct,last two nights I have vivid dreams and I remembered all the ■■■■ I went when I was kid,like fighting,and so…war also.

I’m sorry bud. It can be hard sometimes. We’re you in the military?

No when the war started I was escaping army,changing places to live so they won’t mobilize me to a stupid war.Really rather not talk about it.

Sorry zoa but I’m not sure I understand.

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