Come Ons and Rejections I've Heard Over the Years

When I was in college: “You’re handsome”; “lie to me” 'what school did you go to?" (when I said the inner city desegregated school it was a reject).
Ages 24-35- “Get a job with pay.” (I was a volunteer.)
Ages 35-40- Two women came on to me at work. Since I was living with Mom it was a no go.
Ages 40-50- “Do you work?”
Now- "where do you work? How much do you make? Where do you live? What do you do with your time?
(It’s obvious I don’t have it any more. I kinda wish I had accepted the college offers but my anxiety and prodomal phase of schizophrenia were hitting hard and it was difficult to even talk. On the other hand if I had a kid with those women I would have had difficulty raising it and if I had a relationship based on lies it would be over by now. Schizophrenia is not easy to live with and neither am I. I don’t blame women for wanting money. Hey I’d like some myself.
I’m not gay but the most interesting gay come on was “I’d like to share a cell with you.” So love is usually not a romantic wonderland. So what? Neither is life.