Color for a thought

Not sure if it can be implemented now.

We should have Sentiment analysis : Is the automated process of understanding a person’s opinion about a particular subject based on a comment or post .

The outter circle of individuals image can show a color, based on previous responses in posts.
Its like reading the body language through coloring.

Implemented: Its just an idea I got.
Sentiment analysis: Stentences posted, are they of what emotions.
automated process: some computing involved.
Body language and coloring: Based on emotion rating, color as per rainbow.
I think its possible.
So every one looks in same shades of color would be my dream.

Your Implemented Sentiment Feels Like An Automated Process Of A Body Language In Colours.

Thanx!, For Clarification Within Your Emotional (Pitchfork Review) Computed Rainbow Sketch.

Although, The Shadow Speaks In Shades Of Invisible Grays.

I Still Do Not Understand You Though. . .


P.s. The Video Is Jus A Colour For A Thought!.

Sounds like an interesting idea.

Would certainly make scrolling through the longer threads a lot easier


I was more focused on how people could type things to reach that particular color. Which all are in.

It’s an off the shelf program that runs the place. It costs money and to implement would be prohibitive for our community seeing SzAdmin meets the monies involved with running as I understand it.

Not dissing your idea but we are limited to what is available on this software platform. Perhaps an idea to bring up with them? ie the Software company that supplies the discourse platform.

Hmm. . .

I Find It Interesting That Thus Sort Of Platform Exist’s,


Like ‘Arcade Fire’ Says, On ‘Neon Bible’.

‘Bean Eating In The Ghetto On A Hundred Dollar Plate’.

Which Is, In A Sense, Like A Stage For Conclusive Decisiveness.

Especially For Platforms Such As. . .


Sure, its an idea. Because I tried to retrieve my data as download, I got it in csv files and as well as one json file. It would be possible. As I am a bit fimiliar with NLP. Just an Idea though, in my understanding it should be possible, but yeah no idea of cost.

Hmm. . .

Thus Heightens My Curiosity.

If You Were Say, Going To Start Your Own Forum On Schizophrenia.

A Mental Health Website Such As Thus.

Would You Allow People To Freely Join.

Or!, Charge Money For The Service Provided?.

That Way Maybe, In A Philanthropic Way, Like, ‘Bill Gates’, For Example.

Perhaps Use The Funds From The Forum To Help Other’s In Need?.

Like Those Unable To Reach Internet Service.

Which Is A Sad Reality, Even In Thus Day And Age. . .


Hmm. . .

I’ll Patiently Wait For Your Response.

But!, Sadly, All I Do Is Wait. . .


Oh sorry, got stuck with few things.

It was just an idea, not a change. This is perfectly as it is.

Hmm. . .

Sorry To Confuse You.


The Question:

There Let’s Try Once Again Shall We. . .

Unless, You Get Stuck Once Again. . .


I would charge as there is investment.

Hmm. . .

What Would Your Personal Investment Be For?.

May I Ask?.

Is That Okay?. . .


For this as you mentioned. Why do you ask?

Hmm. . .

It’s My Curious Colour Question For A Thought That’s All.

My Thought’s Are Colourful. . .


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Again, you really know to influence my mind.
When every I read your statements makes me curious.
Do you remember long ago I said, you are a automated texting (bot).
If it hurted you I am sorry.

Hmm?. . .

It’s Cool.

Forgive And Forget. . .


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Hmm. . .

As They Say,

Outta Sight Outta Mind (!!!).

Although, I Keep Saying, Please…, Please…, Please…, No More Thrill Rides. . .