College was good today

its such fun bc we were only in for an hour and a half and i managed to make up an invitational to an event that our class is puting on, it looks really cool and i am very happy with it :slight_smile: i did some of those exploded brainstorming things and i have a plan, i will interview my classmates and ask them a few questions with their favourite music on in the background.

my gf Ashleigh also did a lot of work to catch up bc she missed a few days,

in a few weeks our class is going on a trip to a nature trail to build a habitat :slight_smile: sounds like fun.


I love it when a plan comes together. Well done you! Sounds like a productive and fun day!


thx @rogueone :slight_smile:

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I love to hear it when someone on this site is succeeding. It’s good to hear something positive. I hope you have more successes.


thx @crimby

i like to hear when people are succeeding on here too :slight_smile:

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