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I have the opportunity of going back to college next year, but I also can get a job. I can’t handle both things at the same time (maybe later). I like the idea of college, but I don’t know what to do during the 2 months before classes start. And that’s why considering a job. I’m 29 years-old and my parents are willing to give me the financial support to finish college.

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I’d consider a job to fill in that 2 month gap. It’ll give you good practice being around others to gauge whether you can handle college.

Remember to eat lots of fruit and veg, and minimize the soda and junk food so you don’t flareup.

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Thank you! You mean a temporary job, right?

Edit: I love the healthy tips too :slight_smile:

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Yeah, something temporary, like you’d find at a temp agency.

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Going to look for it. Thank you for your feedback!

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