College Loan Discharge

I am a college student with student loans. Did anyone go to college that had their loans discharged?

Yes. I am currently forgiven from paying my loans back.

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I’ve heard that if you join the army reserve you can get your student loans discharged. That’s a big step these days, but it might be worth it.

i’m trying to get my college loans forgiven but my current pdoc is a lazy jerk and won’t sign the papers right so they keep sending them back to him.

How did you do it?

Nelnet processed the supplied paperwork with my doctors written explanation.

Obama opened this process for the disabled I think


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I’m pretty sure the above link was the one I applied

I tried this before but failed because I didn’t understand how they determine disability. I would like to try again but I’m not sure how the physician can say that I have a mental impairment.

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If your sz a doctor will likely submit that you’re disabled. If not I’d ask another doc because most agree it is a full disability

OK I guess I can ask.

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Oh yea. You’ll need your docs written part to discharge the loans. I forget the other option but the doc written deal is legit for sure bud

The other option is showing that your ssi won’t be up for review in 5 years. But I guess if I can get my psychiatrist to do it, I’ll be OK.

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Yea. That’s right. The doctors written part is easiest to prove. The other seems like fluff to appear elaborate on their part… idk. The written way was best for me

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Can it be a psychiatrist or does it have to be a physician? Because the instructions in the link you show says physician.

I recall wondering the same thing. Yes, A psychiatrist is legit.

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Awesome thank you!

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My loans were discharged and now I am back in school and can’t get anymore. Be careful what you wish for.

my psychiatrist wrote off on the papers a long time ago…I got out of all college loan debt without a hitch.

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Hello HuckFinn, i went to private school in seattle and accumlated loans over two year span and i wanted to thank you for bringing this to my attention as am diagnosed with sza.

if you were to go the physician certification route,then what do they mean by unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity”?
then they define substantial gainful activity by stating that “it is level of work performed by pay or profit that involves doing significant physical and/or mental activity”.

sorry i’m little slow lol ; does this mean i can no longer work for pay? or is it simply saying that i wont be very sucessful at jobs that require high mental capacity