College Instructor Bullying

Wise knows this: School isn’t okay sometimes…I actually saw some professors sued for mistreating mentally ill but court ruled (Kansas or Missouri) student has to be signed up for disability support services to get discrimination protection…Local mental care policy was to ruin credibility of student with school so pdoctor was called for appointment with student if there were any problems. I got harassed out of this school that I sold everything & moved out of state to attend. I get to keep paying the student loan bills for years longer … I’m not working much now either…

Some victims of college bullying are left working with mentally unstable students in team projects and harassed by professors who have intent to almost pass a student at best if you suck up 100%. Some professors are even trying sexual harassment towards mentally ill and still maintain their employment with this happening in front of room full of students. (I’ve heard a few stories on this forum about student treated better if they disclosed to professor they have a diagnosed mental illness …)

You should be aware that all federal student loans must be paid back immediately if you drop classes for any reason.

I strongly recommend paying cash for 2-3 classes to make sure the instruction at the school (+ curriculum) will work for you before you lock yourself into student loan hell. Some of the curriculum is so poor, graduation from the program will not give adequate skills to keep a job in the field as the school is not teaching what is demanded to work in this field.

Online classes are a relief to secure the demanded piece of paper but beware, they are not without harassment. Some IT professors will send files containing obvious viruses to students for asking too many questions. If you cannot error check your own IT work, ‘you don’t belong in this field attitude’ always wins with these… If you take these classes, save your files to flash drive or cloud & keep a system image…You will go broke if you cannot replace a hard drive too…