Collaborate guys! How many of you thinks your thoughts can be heard even abroad?

So Im just wondering if anyone os sufferring on thought broadcasting? Even on other countries? I experienced it and with so many types of media. In youtube, chaturbate, bigo live etc. Instagram or whatever live broadcast they have I tried to badmouth or say something inside my head and they respond immediately. I made it so that they will completely react. So I told hard teases lol some even below the belt. I enjoyed it too lol. Just wondering. What they say when life gives you lemons then make lemonades. Enjoy it.

I already talk too much on here… my thoughts would just confuse anyone listening I bet they would change the channel quickly lol… im sorry you have thought broadcasting there are many who have it here it seems,i wish you peace,

Thought broadcasting on "Chaturbate?"
Does anyone actually talk on there?
Well, no…