Cold wind on my soul

I get a cold chill in my soul at times and I’m not sure why… I’m having nightmares tonight and I wonder if I’m reflecting myself…

I loved a girl as a teen and I still have a soft spot for her and I am sometimes inspired to write about her…
I’m afraid she’ll come upon the songs online and think I’m psycho …
And maybe is why I’m having nightmares


Even if she managed to find your songs online, how would she know they’re written for her?

And your songs have nothing psycho about them.

It’s cool that you use a former love or crush as an inspiration.

I’m sorry you’re having nightmares, drink some hot cocoa maybe.

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I do too. I have done things in the past that I don’t want people to know about.

@crimby I have no secrets . I can’t cater to secrets or I’d be batty. I suggest everyone do a "confession " Catholic priests are supposed to stay quiet about confessions… I find its important to let the wind out of my soul too…
I’ve made it a point that every fool thing I’ve done I’ve confessed to a friend… but of course I wouldn’t confess pissing on a cop car to a cop or the like … yet if it were truly serious I would need to make ammends

In AA they say “you’re only as sick as your secrets”. And they have the fourth and fifth steps - “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” and “admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs”. Maybe some day I can get around to doing the fourth and fifth steps.


@HuckFinn Would make a good song in itself -

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Join the club !

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AA is where I learned the value of confessing my thoughts.

I like the 12 steps better than religion.