Cold weather is here!

Had to go get a wool sweater because it is so chilly :yum:

I was so tired of the summer!

Come on, rain and cold. please!


It is cool here too, 5 C I suppose, earlier in the week it was 25 C in Portugal I think, cold is no problem, but I do not like rain.

I went riding my bicycle already today, rode over one hour, good exercising, it is now 9:12 AM, I think that this bicycle riding is good for my mind, I just ride without thinking anything …


I just checked and it’s going to be 25ºC today with the sun shining, guess my sweater isn’t going to last long :slight_smile: It’s 15º now

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When winter comes, there are many people who migrate to southern Portugal, away from cold, because it is warm there, I am not a migrating bird, but I am prepared for the cold winter …

Yeah, the south is closer to Africa, so it’s always good weather there mostly :slight_smile: Warm days, cool nights.

We’re finally getting chilly, autumnal weather here in eastern Oklahoma. I love that kind of weather. It puts me into a kind of reverie that is enjoyable. I like things a little damp, too.

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Autumn has a wonderful smell :slight_smile:

It does, and there are the holidays and the changing foilage. We get that a little later than a lot of places where I live, but it is worth waiting for.

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Yeah! You guys have thanksgiving there, we don’t :slight_smile: Only christmas. I don’t know what’s going to happen this christmas in my life… not exactly thrilled to be honest!

I forgot about you not having Thanksgiving. That was stupid of me. As for Christmas, try to make the best of it. Christmas is not a day to worry, but instead it is a day to get into a spirit of peace and harmony. Oh well, I’m not going to lecture you about it. I just hope it turns out okay for you.

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:smile: Yeah, I was thinking of taking my mom somewhere to spend the day. Maybe organize a family get-together, not sure I have the energy for it though

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Maybe you could recruit other people to help you. Family reunions can be very enjoyable, but there are hazards there too. I know that from personal experience. Don’t burden yourself with too much responsibility. Sometimes a person needs a rest from too many obligations.

Thank you, yeah, I usually organize it with my cousin, we call everyone and his step mom cooks :smile:

I’ve ruined family gatherings before when I wasn’t taking my med’s as prescribed, but that’s water under the bridge. We’ve recovered from all that, and we enjoy being together again. I’m glad I’m stable on my med’s. If you do have a family get together you’ll probably get to see people you haven’t seen before. Family gatherings are a lot of trouble, but they’re worth it.

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Yes, I’ll think about it :slight_smile:

I enjoy the cold weather, only problem is I have to run on the treadmill inside.

yep, I’m buying an eliptic bike. Have to put it in the storage unit, it’s very cold in there, has a bunch of windows

the summer here was crap mostly cloudy, id love a sunny holiday

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I moved from Illinois to California over cold weather. I love the fall, but the snows upset me. Now that I’m sz I moved back home to Illinois. I guess it is worth braving the snow to be near my family.

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I like cold weather because i dont have to go outside. :smirk:

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