Cold homes increase the risk of severe mental health problems – new study

Yeah pick your battles i guess… saved almost $100 this month keeping my house cold


I can’t stand too much warmth. I even take lukewarm showers.

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I still have not turned on heaters

The dog is ok I think as he seems warm, as I have not had his coat cut and letting it grow for his warmth during winter.

When the first cold snap comes I will turn it on in the bedroom

Not sure about heating my living room when working there though, as having it on all day will be a killer financially


I do feel more jittery when it’s chilly when sitting at home.

I’ve heard of that. People keep their apartments as chilly as possible to lessen their heating bills. Maybe a person could make a little money designing clothes that are very warm and comfortable, and then getting people to wear them inside in chilly weather. I don’t know how well they would sell. A lot would depend on the temperament of the time. A lot would depend on how bad the winter was, and on how comfortable the clothes are. It would be like wearing heavy duty pajamas. Some people might like to wear a stylish jacket indoors when the heating bill is just too high.

My house is kept at 23 celsius. What temperature do you guys keep your home at?

I personally love the heat and winter, hate the cold

My heating comes on at set times. I think the temperature is set at about 21 Celsius.

I bought dancer’s leg warmers, fleece sheets and duvet covers, thermal base layers, fleece lined jog pants for wearing around the house, lightweight snow boots suitable for everyday indoor wear, fingerless gloves, cloth hats etc. I keep two rooms in the house at 16C in the evening and at 14 during the daylight. Feeling nice and warm. I live in Ireland where the weather outside feels intolerably cold and damp even at 10C due to humidity coming in from the Atlantic ocean.