Cold, Flu & Allergies... & meds... looking for ideas

My poor kid sis got sent home from her morning shift, just walked through the door and looks like death warmed over. She went back to bed. She says it’s allergies mixed with a low level fever and slight cold. I didn’t know you could have a fever with a cold, I though a cold had no fever… Does any know this one?

As I sit here looking up symptoms and remedies… I’m trying so hard not to panic. I’m reading this and thinking… I’ve had itchy skin and eyes… I’ve been tired lately… I’ve had a headache… I have been sneezing… Oh no, I have Pneumonia. No… I have bronchitis… Oh man, I have T.B. I knew it.

I am fighting off the hypochondria. I am trying to breathe and calm down. My sis says it’s probably light allergies for me since I’m working the flower green house lately. How do you keep calm when the circus wants to play with illness?

Plus… NOW I’m wondering about allergy meds and my meds. I would love to cut the sniffles and the watery eyes. But there is always that hesitation.

Also… any ideas for a straight edge sis who refuses allergy meds or any over the counter remedies?

I do believe it is allergy season :smile: and allergies can mimic colds.

When my kids were small I looked into what it means to have a fever. It is a symptom of your body working to fight of an infection or virus. As long as they are not high or last for days then they should not be concerning.

I see/hear it so much this time of year. The cold that never fully develops. Soar throat, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, sneezing… This may sound a little gross but I think as long as the mucus is clear then don’t worry. If mucus becomes yellow or green then perhaps there is an infection.

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fever is dangerous, acetamionofen helps alot with this, cold is not dangerous and for allergy cetirizine works. as I said fever is dangerous and you should use your power as an older brother to convince her to take meds.

freshly squeezed lemon in hot water with a dash of honey will give you and your sis a vit c boost and a liver cleanse.
buy some fresh fruit everyday, kiwi fruit, mangos’ ,advocados, etc…
organic iron tonic called ’ floradix ', has other stuff in it aswell.
eat more green vegies, omelettes (lots of iron)
drink lots of water.
lots of sleep
take care
p.s hope you are both feeling better soon.

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you need to spoil her because she needs some R&R right now

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@darksith I’ve read somewhere that if you eat honey from the flowers in your area, you’re allergies to those flowers decreases.

Have you heard anything about that or is it honey hooey? :bee:

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I only smile at this because I know my power as an older brother isn’t that powerful. We get along like best friends, but she is still a very strong willed young lady.

better for you and her, convince her as the best friend, sorry I sounded harsh but fever is dangerous.

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I didn’t think you sounded harsh. I just know how iron willed she can get.

She did the honey, with herbs and kiwi. She also took some kid’s cold, acetamionofen stuff. She was up and went to work this morning.

Thank you for the kind advice.

Also sometime in the night, the wind shifted and we both stopped sneezing. :relieved:


sorry have not heard that one about the honey, glad you guys are feeling better and hope you have a good surf.
take care

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I have taken megadoses of vitamin C over the the years, but do so only when I detect a flu or a cold.

As the result of doing this, I have not had the flu or a cold for over 20 years now.

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