Cold and Wet

What it feels like to shovel a ton of snow. Bleh. Anyone else shoveling? I had earphones on blasting on repeat so I wouldn’t have to hear people around me talking and shouting.

may i ask some questions? (I am in the south, so wouldnt really know)

Why do you do it(shovel snow). cant you leave it till it melts?

are there not less labor intensive ways of doing it? and are those illegal? or considered too extreme? too dangerous?

by this i mean, someone has got to have come up with some kind of mini flame thrower to just melt it off the concrete by now???

mqybe a de-icer chemical?

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Myy amil is nice enough o support me, thankfully so we have an understanding that i do stuff and chores. the area i’m in requires us to at least shovel the walkways. if smeone slipped on our propertybecause it wasn;t shoveled we may get in trouble with fines or worse.

there are better ways (a contraption callled asnow blower) I never thought of using napalm, that gave me a chuckle. maybe i try that next year :wink:

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thanks for replying. always heard/read people from north talk about it.

what ever

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