Coinciedents in business or street names by your area

Does any one have it where the places of businesses or street names have to do with your life and or delusions like there is a street called nason street by my house and draciea street for draconian and for the masons and my delusions have to do with the illuminati and the lizard people there is much more every where about my delusions and does any one have this

You can find any coincidences anywhere for your delusions if you look


If you look you will see it.
If you listen you will hear.
Just relax and live a happy life.
Think happy thoughts.

It’s an effort yes.


Like the voices say that the covid was a sighn made just for me and there is a city called covina and a city called corona

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Yeah voices can try and convince you of all kinds of things

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I laugh sometimes if I see a funny name lol

i used to trip on neighbors everywhere, and i hadn’t met them. don’t trip potato chip, but sometimes its fun. don’t take it too seriously, you might want your mind for something else.

I used to live on Hope Street. That kind of made me laugh and I liked telling people what street I lived on.

Mercy Street was just one street over, lol.


The street I live on is my little sisters name.

Must’ve been a religious area lol

It looks like business names are put there for me to see to like the word sun and the voices used to call me the sun is in a business next to a business with my sisters name

Some Greedy men in their lust for power didn’t stop at labeling each other, they named all the animals, why not streets and turn them into signs and propaganda for their return to power every sunset and sunrise. Occasionally, seemingly randomly, there are no more signs or name calling, there arises a certain sense that who you are is not confined even to your body or the chemicals assigned to it, you are a being that really has no boarder and always has the choice of what state of consciousness you will reside in. Never forget that. Let those who want to control freedoms argue and fight about that, those of us that seek liberty know the battles, but never forget the over arching cause of Liberty.

U2, Joshua Tree, Where The Streets Have No Name (youtube it).

When I was growing up we lived in a brand new subdivision. The contractors had no imagination or they were lazy or something so our street was called “Street St.” The street next to ours was “Road Rd.” We lived on the corner of Street St. and Avenue Ave.

Much later we moved to 77nick77 Place.
Coincidence? I think not.

Madness, Our house (youtube it).

Father Wears His Sunday Best,
Mothers Cleaning Up Down Stairs,
Sister is Swearing In her sleep,
and older brother is saying,
He can’t Hang Around.

Our House, In The Middle of “Our” Street…
On The Land The Banksters and Property Taxers Keep.


Lol, you’re right, that’s really a song. I had my doubts at first.

That’s a coincidence. I just learned how to spell coinciedents yesterday.

Yeah my voices coused me pain today in my gut today like some one was twisting my insides up and it was vibrating with pain

You must be transforming from a catapillar into a butterfly? What have embodied caterpillars told you to believe? What would you listen to and chart life according to, those catapillars or those that are in the crysalis (like me) or those who have become butter flies and are free? Those in that freedom, what do we hear? Their encouragement and hope for us, like whispers down a dark well to where lost children are kicked into by a spartan nightmare of conquest? What would a butterfly say to caterpillar, would it declare to him or her there is no hope, take the dope, or would it say… (strain to hear above and below the bellowing name calling and advertisements of the play ground and various dynamics). Know you are not junk, you are a growing dynamic being with not only a future and past or a present, but an eternal hope.And if you struggle to keep that hope alive, would a universe built to propagate consciousness and life, and the possibility of growth, simply disregard your struggle, even if it was left to a material struggle for survival of the fittest? That would defy any sort of logic or structure or order, and if that was so, we would not even exist. Such a ■■■■■■ up concept wouldn’t get past the big bang.

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Yeah I keep getting coincidents and the voices keep saying that iam the one


The voices say stuff like that about me… THE ONE … ■■■■. What would happen if we developed a friendship, would they say: They Are The Two … and if we involved others in it … especially a few of the voices … Would they then say … “We Are Us”? All these potential avenues of communication and community … and still We are seperated. ■■■■■■■ silly.