Coincidencies or not

A few weeks ago I posted one song on the forum, the singer was a Finnish immigrant to the USA nearly 100 years ago, his name was Hiskias Möttö, and then just a couple of minutes after posting my message I received a telephone call from a man whose lastname (as he said) was similar, if not the same last name ‘Möttö’, I rarely receive any phone calls, do they really follow us here on the forum. Made me more paranoid.

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Could be a rabbit claiming to be a duck.

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Just a coincidence. I assume Möttö is a (common?) Finnish name?

Coincidences can mess us up sometimes.

It is not a common Finnish name, I just wonder, I received a call just after a couple of minutes. It is strange, but made me more paranoid, they probably have telephone numbers of all forum members.

Depression can sometimes make me paranoid.
Maybe you are starting to get a bit paranoid.
Just a coincidence.

was the person nice? i wonder how he got your number, maybe he was descended from him, that would be kool lol

You see, I never receive telephone calls from other persons except one person, but immediately after I had posted this video, a person with the same last name called, I said ‘I was not interested and the phone call ended’.

Did he say what he wanted. It was probably just a sales call.

It was so strange that immediately I just said ‘I am not interested, hey’ and I ended the call, I never receive any sales calls.

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It’s an uncommon name but it’s still a Finnish name. I hate coincidences too. But that’s all it could have been. It could even have been a wrong-number call.

Whatever it was, it made me more paranoid … made me to think if they are following us here on the forum and reading our postings and then calling us when it is convenient … just made me more paranoid.

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I don’t blame you. Coincidences can freak me out too. Coincidences can really mess with paranoid schizophrenia.

I read your link, it is rare, just wondering how a person with this rare name called me just a couple of minutes after I had posted a song by Hiskias Möttö, when I never get any calls from anybody except one person … makes me wonder, paranoia surely increased …

It was just an unfortunate coincidence. Nothing more.

It’s probably just a rare coincidence. If they said I know who you are and I know on what Forum your on then yeah be worried but if not, no need to overthink this even though coincidences do make me worry as well!

Here is the original song by Hiskias Möttö (Hiski Salomaa), somehow reminded me of my immigrant life in the States …

Dude. Thats not motto. That’s salomaa. Definetely just a coincidence.

He is Möttö, his artist name was Salomaa. He was a very popular immigrant singer in America.

You’re definetely connecting dots where there are no dots. Nothing to worry about.

I am not really worrying about it, it just made me more paranoid, in this Internet monitoring world everything can be possible, just made me more paranoid.

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