Coincidences on TV

coincidences on TV that seem to pertain to you that seem like the show or movie was made in certain places to tell you some thing

We all like to identify with similarities and likenesses. It draws people together. That is why coincidences can startle us out of a sleep sometimes. Just don’t make the mistake many of we szs make by thinking the situation is made for us and we alone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really see that there for me though with timing and numbers

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Look up ideas/frames of reference. Human brains look for patterns. That is natural and how the brain process’ the world to make some sense of it.

Having those patterns become significant or magical is when the brain goes wrong. Most of us have been there. You’ll find for most that such symptoms decline with meds.


I see them though even when I rewind them and when I am not having an episode

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Making those loops is symptomatic. It’s just coincidence. There is no message there for others.

I got that a lot and I swore it happened often enough to mean something but then I came onto this forum and realized the same thing was happening to a lot of other people who also heard voices. I took that to mean it was just part of the illness.


I see sighns on almost every movie I watch

Always. Not a fan. And worse is i think of it as just that, a coincidence, instead of a symptom, which it is.

i wish they would go away, but i need to be on quetiapine or a mood stabilizer for that to happen, that will take time, and my heart races badly, though it helps to go to sleep immediately

Yup. Me too. At the time when Bourne Identity came out (I think that was the one), there was a black Chrysler 300M in it and at the time I owned one. Of course also at the time I thought the CIA was watching me and filmed the movie to send me secret messages.

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