Cognitive Symptoms of Schizophrenia: Types and Treatments


The realistic statement;
The schizophrenia health condition which represented existentially and functionally in the schizophrenic factor which is called Hallucination (s) causes bad side symptoms including the positive,negative , cognitive symptoms and imbalance in the number of forward chemical processes with the number of reversal processes that associated with the thinking process or storage in the memory

as you see and read,the hallucination(s) is not a symptom of the condition be called sz,because the condition be called Schizophrenia is represented in the structure and function of the thing be called Hallucination
(for example,the genetic disease is represented in the structure /function of the thing be called Gene (s),and the viral disease is represented in the structure\ function of the thing be called Virus …etc )

The hallucination is acts /behaves as a phonic emitter /receptor (the emitter of verbally thoughts and spoken receptor )------ or the things that you call it hearing voices !!

The cognitive change in the Personal Ideology is the core principle of the effectiveness of the schizophrenic factor

changing the semantic concept of the vocabulary of self-knowledge,idea by idea during day waking time (which is acquired through home learning,education and various media in the environment in which the citizen was porn and raised)

the self-knowledge which related to self-identity,other persons,sacred identities, and all patterns of personal /social relationships with member of society

what is related to the causes of local and global phenomena and daily life events

the religious belief in all the minute details that the citizen was knew and convinced of

everything related to the culture of the citizen about the world of all things that he knew during the years of his life

his personal feeling about oneself,others,including family members,friends,neighbors, individual of society in general and the life with all its details

the main goal of the schizophrenic factor (H) is to change the understanding of the citizen’s mind about information related his past events and any event that occurs now in the present,and make this and that a new memories that is called quickly in order to explain the current events or even what can happen in the future

changing personal habits and attitudes towards studying,the work,personal interests,or the current personal relationship with the opposite sex,or a family /social individuals
And there are endless details related each point of the above ,and there is a single mechanism to changing everything

there must be an enlightened thought that challenges the data of the weak theoretical assumptions,which they imprint a false perceptions in the mind of the observer or the general reader,this is in order to understand an objective reality that these fragile theories avoid

basically,the symptoms of sz condition which characterized by a radical change(modification) in the concept of the acquired self-knowledge, it is required that these cognitive alterations occur and exist in the citizen’s memory for a period of time (day (s) or week (s) or more ),and this is happening if the mental chemistry was in a healthy condition NOT in a pathological condition from any kind at all

The transmission chemistry,reception,and decoding the cognitive data content of the electrochemical signals,processing all types of inputs,producing all types of outputs,and imprinting these information in the citizen"s memories and recalling them over and over most period time of waking throughout a day or week or more ,which they are synchronizes the thinking process,producing of thoughts and translate the self-thoughts into verbal language expressions ,all these processes must be in a healthy condition at least !

it is impossible theoretically for any changes (developmental mutation) to occur in the self-concepts of the personal knowledge (the acquisition of new knowledge data,erasure and replacement of dominate knowledge) without using the mental chemistry in the first place !!

How to understanding that , this is happens without chemical intervention or its responsibility towards Your notices /diagnose that the concept of these cognitive modifications do not distinguish between the things /events that existed and occurred in the real world or existed and occurred in the imagination of the citizen (or what is real/unreal regard with your point of view )

both of the personal notice /diagnose are irrelevant the event itself and the chemical processes
Rather,it is the changing factor itself(changer being) , the changed being ,the modilisties of change,place for change in the citizen’s nature, mechanism of modification ,the reaction to impact,and the agreement or reject of the self’s desire with the new concepts of the cognitive material that changed by the action of the phonic emitter (the thing that you call it hallucination /psychotic factor or schizophrenic factor …etc )

the modification in the concepts of personal knowledge data in the moment that it is recalled to used mentally for any reason /need or subject in the present time