Cognitive impairment

I think I might be cognitive impaired as I don’t function much and just distract myself online, what do you do to keep mentally healthy?

I’ve become a potato


I try to find the right balance between exercise and rest: I try to study and go for walks, use my exercise bike and do strength exercises.

But then there are days like today that I’m a couch potato.

I try to be understanding and not be too hard on myself. These meds and the illness make me less productive.


I have to buy grocery’s for mum and me every other day. Therefore I walk 1 us mile to the store
and back again and that’s how I keep in shape.


I’ve got a severe mental impairment to distract myself I read, watch my new smart t.v, bet small amounts of money on football, swim, walk, search things on internet, visit places, phone my mum etc


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