Cognitive impairment

Have anyone else experienced severe but temporary cognitive impairment? I’ve been having this issue since I started my treatment with risperidone. My cognition gets really impaired sometimes then it goes back to “normal” after like a day or two.

I seem to get in trouble when I drink alcohol. I take my meds at night. In the morning I used to drink orange juice and got a reaction from it. Then someone here says orange juice actually contains about 2% alcohol which might explain it.

Anyways alcohol is a trigger for me since it crashes with meds and makes my head feel impaired.

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Mate, I absolutely have cognitive impairment. I’m not who I used to be.

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I have cognitive impairment from my neurodegenerative disease. It absolutely sucks

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I noticed a mental decline maybe 4 years before onset, I was having a hard time listening to auditory directions. I thought maybe it was just because I was new to working and it was stress ful and some people learn differently, but I think it was literally just me having trouble comprehending auditory directions.

My short term memory was a little wonky then, and I think its about the same now.

I now have trouble using my imagination, things I could imagine with crisp clarity before are now only sort of like clouded impluses of desire for that shape. Not the thing I could sculpt in my mind before.

My dreams are still there though, and for a few moments each night I can sculpt what I want out of them before I become fully awake. Then its all ruined.

Reading books is a little harder, I can’t bear a lot of the emotional stress they put on you, and I have to have breaks.

Its difficult accepting, but it is what it is, and I make do.

Part of it is the medication part of it is schizophrenia, part of it is long term untreated depression


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