Cognitive impairment by isolation

A guy in my building made friends with me for awhile and he was well connected. I mean had I been friends with him I would have access to a lot of people but I was rude to him one day and he dropped me. I can imagine dying and going to limbo and someone saying, you had a fair chance.

I have been alone since 2008 when I got section 8 housing. It has not been fun. I have had one visitor in all those years. A human is the most adaptable creature alive and I have been adapting. It’s gotten easier but I think I’m cognitively impaired by the experience.

I hope to make friends again one day but I am no longer a romantic guy. I have never faced my feelings and I hope to soon. My demon is dead and real life is opening up to me. I see some people at my clinic who have let go and are no longer there. I can relate a little but I have a good intellect and some sense. Thank you for letting me share.


There’s avenues to socialise. Gaming groups…sporting clubs, social clubs…church. Maybe check out what is around you and in your interest. I have always been social even when mad as a hatter. Bit problematic but friendly enough but I still go out even when I don’t feel like it. Cricket is a nice break with other people but it’s mostly guys. Still. It’s something I like and I’m sure there’s something you can find in common with others.

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People say that but I never know what they mean.

A lot of social interaction is redundant. How are you? Nice to see you. It doesn’t have to carry much content but it’s important for social situations. Much talking is about listening to another and replying appropriately. Ok. Here is a spot where the other person expects an answer. Stay on topic. Be curious but keep friendly…it happens fast but it’s something you can practice and the more chances you have of doing that the better you can be.

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No. I mean where do you find social groups?

Check local papers/websites. Research local gaming groups etc. You can find a few on facebook and some of the miniture games I play I join a facebook group. Gives you contacts and events you can attend. As to sport. The internet is your friend. Plenty of groups and sporting clubs are online these days.

I’m sure you can find something.

The situation is kind of like. “I’m hungry” “So why don’t you eat?” “I don’t know, but I sure am hungry!”

My voices lost patience with me too. Lol.

Practice makes perfect even with symptoms. I get paranoid around people sometimes but I do ok because I’m used to it and know how to monitor my behavior. Still. It’s getting yourself in situations where you talk to people. Most do it through work or family or friends so joining clubs etc is a pretty good alternative.

This may sound dumb but I had a neighbor that was checking in on me everyday I thought was good I finally had some company…

… But I quickly got tired of it and bored of the same thing everyday… Sounds stupid but I think I took my alone time for granted.