Cognitive effects

My memory has gotten so bad, I can’t pay attention to conversations and forget things people have said very quickly. My long-term memory is decent though. I am relatively health in that I exercise and eat well. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

You could learn how your mind works. For example, the way my mind works is I remember something if I can make it personal to me.


I thought this social functioning table in this article was neat.

I felt that on risperidone my social functioning was worse.

I wish they had a table for cognition but they don’t.

If you figure it out, let me know! My memory is really bad.

The struggle is real

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that

I’ll Private Message you about your memory if you wish.

My memory is getting progressively worse. I can barely remember what I did in the morning by midday.
I write a lot of notes and send a few messages to my wife. That way I can piece things together.

I know when I’m having,for me,a ‘bad brain’ day the anxiety that invariably comes with it tends to make things even worse.

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that sounds pretty bad. The only things I can really recommend are exercise and eating the foods recommended that help the brain.

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Exercise is difficult with my meds and bad back. I live in an area where there are lots of walking trails which are so beautiful. But my stamina is zero right now. I used to be very active but these last four years I’ve been so tired. I even find light gardening difficult. So I guess brain foods are the most I can do. Can you recommend any?

The brain is almost all composed fats. Makes an argument that consuming the healthy fats by mouth might help. I take a tablespoonful of rice bran oil, and several capsules of lecithin and phosphatidylserine.

Me too. I have a terrible memory, and I feel stupid in comparison to my youth my cognition is definitely down ----- got even worse when I had covid, I can’t even freaking breathe right anymore :frowning:

they say walnuts and other nuts are good. Olive oil is good. Blueberries and other berries are good. Fish like salmon and mackeral (I hear it tastes bad) are good. Sugars are to be avoided. You can do a quick google search for brain healthy foods and gather some more ideas.

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Is there any way to push yourself to do some? I know it may be difficult but I really have found that getting sweaty is one of the only ways to get an instant and noticable boost to my brain. My mood improves and everything. At my mom’s place she has an indoor exercise bike which I ride. It’s very convenient and good exercise.

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