Cognitive deficits, experiences?

I read and have even cited lots of research on our cognitive deficits. I have things like derailment and short term memory problems and working memory problems with cognitive loads, lots of trouble at certain times, yet my theoretical thinking is outstanding. I’m pacing around thinking of an outline for the proposal for my thesis and I’m thinking things like this book said this and cited this which is in the back of the book so I will copy that passage or factoid and use the references in APA format in the back of the book and this here book is an all inclusive book on prejudice and discrimination featuring stigma which I will cite and further cite little factoids which it cites and I’m just thinking up an outline and looking at like 50 articles and thinking okay start with these as the foundation for the construct and then use these further studies to support my reasoning of why I am incorporating these methods here it’s because this study supported this to improve efficacy

I have done this sort of stuff repeatedly and I usually write things in one sitting and make an A, the last time I made below an A on a paper was because I cited one study, one case study and that’s not modern apparently I got a C- and then made As after that.

My parents are buying me a textbook on schizophrenia published in 2013 for my birthday, I will have answers to how and why I am capable and incapable of different things. I am dying to know.

What cognitive deficits do you notice in yourself? I often go to a room and forget why I went there then go back then remember then go back to the room, it’s hard for me to learn orders of things quickly, like boxing combinations, ect.

I notice I’m able to concentrate on things when it’s unconscious, but when I need to make a conscious decision to concentrate on something I jam up.

I have trouble reading certain things, like I tried reading “The Raven” By Edgar Allen Poe today and I was confused and had trouble concentrating. I think I’m fairly smart ( I read books ) but I think I could do better. I have a good memory but have some memory issues also.

I don’t have immediate comprehension…i have to think closer to fully understand things, where I notice others immediately get things while I have to put forth a little extra effort.

I think that overall affects my performance in cognition some.

Although sometimes at work, I will be given directions to do something and I will be like “don’t you mean do _______” and she’ll be like “Wow I’m an idiot, you’re correct”…after recovering from my last psychotic break my cognition improves daily and after being cognitively defective for a year, I amaze myself at my brains and medications ability to recovery me somewhat.

I would say my greatest difficulty is executive functioning especially organising and planning. Multi step tasks can be problematic.

My IQ dropped a few points over the years, mainly due to the short-term memory subcategory. It’s still more than sufficient though. My long term memory has declined as well but other than that I have no complaints. When psychotic I had difficulties with formal logic at first, but that capacity seems to have restored completely, even during the psychosis.