Cognitive and negative symptoms

Well thats good as other meds worsen negatives and cognitives even more. I also had negatives and cognitives years before sz but meds made them worse. There are no meds for these symptoms, all you can do is force yourself to do stuff

I don’t have anhedonia anymore

If you have disorganised thoughts you need more meds its a sz symptom but if the symptoms are not serious I wouldn’t increase the meds as they will make your negatives and cognitives worse

You must of improved negatives if you manage to run an online station. Thats pretty impressive and you must be good at talking if you can do that. Sounds like youve used neuroplasticity to regain your cognition. Thats given me a lot of hope.
Have you suffered from alogia

How did you improve your symptoms

Nope. I wish. I am just better and working around them.

No, I can’t work. I can socialize, but not often and not all day.

Do you enjoy socialising

Just happened over time.
I didn’t do anything.

I’m very happy that I have no negatives anymore

So you havent ever improved your negs or cogs

I still don’t benefit from my lifestyle changes because I started doing it one week ago. The changes are felt seriously after 8 weeks.

They did improve a bit over time especially socializing but I still can’t work on my current meds. I was able to work full time on half my dose

Are you able to live a normal life with your condition?

Can you work?

Did your meds help with the disorganised thought’s?

Yes and no. I like seeing family but I don’t like when my MIL tries to dig into my personal life. She doesn’t know a lot of details and I prefer it that way, but she is constantly pushing for details. She doesn’t know I’m SzA and I don’t like talking about my mom or sister with her, because there is a lot of stress surrounding that. I do like to see my MIL, but it can be stressful to mask my symptoms and avoid certain topics. I really like seeing my BIL, SIL, grandpa-in-law, dad, stepmom, brothers, and stepsisters.

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Yes they did, I don’t have them anymore

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I find normal boring, but I have a full-time job (senior insurance broker), I’m married, and I and my wife raised a daughter who is now an adult and is just finishing university. I keep busy with hobbies like cooking, archery, photography, and amateur broadcasting. I also like riding eScooters around with my wife.

Id say thats a very good life your living and you still have all those negative symptoms. Thats impressive.

What things did you use to improve speech fluency? Was it just reading anything out loud?