Cognition and mood improved with medication reduction

Hi I noticed an improvement in these two when my meds were lowered anyone else experience this? Hope in six months they can lower my meds again.

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What meds and dosage are you on? I’m on 25mg of Abilify and I think it is too high. It was reduced in the past but then I relapsed so I’m too afraid to try and lower dosage again. I’m on Lamotragine for a mood stabilizer. I haven’t experienced any change in mood or cognition when it was reduced.

Im on 3mg Risperidone, when I was lowered from 4mg I noticed an improvement, my next option is to quit smoking and see if I can get another dose reduction or switch to Abilify

I quit smoking in 2007. It was the best thing I ever did. I quit with Zyban. Another user on here told me that Zyban is the same as Welbutrin.

My switch to Abilify in 2012 was also a good thing. I’m must say I’m doing much better on Abilify than on Olanzapine.

I wanna try Zyban because cutting down isnt working for me. And want to change from risperidone to abilify because of sexual side effects

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