Coffie energy drinks and hobbies

Today i drunk 3-4 cups of coffie and energy drink monster"assault" played starcraft quite bit , watched movie but not till the end, and read 20 pages of new book sri ramakrishna , so with energy drink and coffie i did a lot of my hobbies. I should be granted with achivement “macro motivation and willpower boss” but now i dont want to sleep and i need to sleep till tommorow :rofl: and i droped smoking again this time seriously…today was fun …


Today, so far, I’ve drank four cups of decaf coffee and done a lot of hobbies too. Today, like everyday, has been fun for me.


I drink coffie with coffein :rofl: what hobbies did you do ? Do you do your hobbies everyday?

Sup spook…

Sounds like a fun time. I drink a lot of coffee. I don’t like the taurine and guarana… the excessive b-vitamins.

Taurine is actually magical… but it’s not worth the other stuff for me. I do however drink the mountain dew kickstarters when I’m working. Just mountain dew with less sugar and more caffeine. It was wise of them to capitalize on the niche between soda and energy drink. I’m pleased with them.

I tried going without caffeine the other day. Thinking I’d detox from that for purpose of sleep hygiene. Got a very weird head pressure and addictive focus and folded.

At this point cigarettes are something I can abstract away so long as I stick to ultra lights… Gotta be strict with myself on that note because work will have me trying to switch packs to something heavier just because those ultra lights lack flavor and they are totally un-enjoyable towards the end of a pack.

That got me worked back into nicotonic addiction pretty heavily. So taking a break from stressing about quitting with that lesson learned.

Working until 5, 6, and even 7am really will keep someone smoking… gotta figure out the jostle between reducing smoking and getting more sleep and caffeine moderation is key, for now though I’m tired and I’m going to take the pressure of myself regarding quitting.


I like strong iced coffee. :tumbler_glass:

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I prefer black tea…!!!

Do you put cream/milk and/or sugar in your black tea?

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Energy drinks will kill your teeth, warning. One summer of energy drinks regularly and not brushing my teeth right after drinking them racked me $5000 in dental bills. Brush your teeth right after and drink through a straw so it doesn’t get your teeth as much! That’s what the dentist told me

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I dont put anything in a plain black tea …!!!

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I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Yes. Good stuff :coffee:

Here’s what I was gifted today:

A neighbour got it as a present and only ever used it once. She felt it was “too much work”. She gifted it to me in exchange for the volunteer work I’ve been doing for a an organization she runs in town. Everything was there except the frothing pitcher, which she can’t find. (I ordered a replacement from Amazon.)

Trying to figure out how to use the sucker. It does look like a lot of work. Thing is still worth $600 new, so I’m pretty chuffed. Made up for an otherwise crap weekend.

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