Coffeeshop Drawings

This thread is for some of drawings I’ve done while hiding in my headphones at a coffeeshop in town. Feel free to post any of your work if you like as well.

I usually bring a notebook to my pdoc/therapy appointments, as a reflection of my state of mind. They are my favorite form of self therapy, it feels good to give form to feelings and experiences that words don’t adequately describe.


This was drawn after a trip down the block to the mom & pop shop for a soda, expressing what it felt like. I wasn’t having an easy time being in public that day, and the way the clerk looked at me bothered me a lot even though it was completely normal.


The last drawing, the face, reminds me of Marilyn Manson! I love it!



This is a kind of anxiety.

The next few are examples of visual/tactile hallucinations.

and this is Cecelia, my friendly ghost friend/voice.


I really like your sketches. You’ve inspired me to draw again. I did a drawing last night.I used to draw some of the crap that was in my head …but then got into work that was more salable but now I’m not doing anything much… My daughter draws and she makes me miss it…seeing her with her supplies and her really cool drawings makes my fingers itch to pick it up again.
Thanks for sharing your work.

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that is awesome, i hope it flows well for you.

I’m just wondering why we gravitate toward violence. Is this to tell people to stay away?

I asked my son`s case manager why he is so aggressive and angry a lot of the time. She said that was how he deals with his anxiety. Only my son knows for sure. He also used to do a lot of drawing. Now I know what those images were. Thanks for posting these Ouroboros!

That’s a good question. Like bridgecomet’s son, I do tend to experience more violent ideation, visions, and impulses when very anxious, and it comes out strongly in my artwork. When I was around 13 in school I was always high anxiety, and I did a lot of real gorey drawings during that period, hellraiser type of content. between that and the skull rings i liked to wear people thought i was a satanist.

I’ve often thought that my predelicition to violent themes of thought and art were a reflection of seeing a cow get slaughtered when I was 3 years old without being told what was happening. Ive always had a fascination with the cycle of life and death and i’m not sure exactly why.

Yeah. I watched a chicken being slaughtered when I was 4. I just looked up at the sky and grinned. It bothered me later, though. I’m a vegan now.

that is really clever.
take care