Coffee Spill Over My Laptop

Is there a chance that it will still work?
I have immediately shut it down, wipe off the coffee stain, and remove the battery from my HP Pavilion. I will let it dry for a couple of days then try to turn it on to see if it will work.


Hopefully the motherboard will still work. If not, you’re going to have to send it to repairs.

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Oh, such an accident! Hope your laptop will survive it. @justann

I think u should go for repair…!!! Hope nothing has happened to ur laptop… . Holy cow…!!

Good luck. If it was on you might not have so much luck with it. If it was off, you could take it to a repair shop and tell them to open it up and wash off any coffee residue that might have come through.

I spilled an entire cup of green tea on a macbook air while it was on and ruined a chip on it, had to sell the whole system for $200-ish dollars. What a way to lose $1000.

What does holy cow expression means @far_cry0

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Sorry to hear that! I hope that it still works!

@anon73425833 cow is holy animal and it is supposed to be the avatar of god in my country nepal… so i just use holy cow as a word ending after a last sentence…

Hope u understood my romanian friend… is it holiday today… take care and enjoy ur day…


One can drop a cell phone into a tub of water and then try to dry it in uncooked white rice . . .

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