Coffee before talkie

I don’t think I should drink coffee anymore at all. Next week I will order Decaf. Although I love it, I think it is triggering the intense thoughts and nerve damage feeling in my brain. :frowning_face: I just feel my like my head is heating up.

I took two L Theanine again and just trying to have a nice day.

This is the third day without sarcosine, it is a little bit better :thinking: I will wait 3 more days before making a decision.


Good luck. I find coffee gives me insomnia. Without sleep, anyone can go loopy given enough time. Selene you’re a super nice person on the forums so I’m sure you have a good heart. Don’t let things bring you down too much.

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When I stop drinking coffee, I drink milk tea. Then I will drink coffee again.
I believe the coffee stimulate the brain and the tea stimulate my heart.

Selene, I like your new avatar!

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me too @mermaid1 I can’t seem to tolerate coffee anymore. I get anxiety and pressure in my head. I took an l theanine too a bit ago.

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Coffee triggers my delusions unfortunately. I am really sensitive to any changes… except for pop!

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