Coffee as a strong sedative

For a while coffee has been not stimulating to me, you get used to it. I was an espresso drinker in the past and I would drink tons and tons of it because I worked night shift and I was a single mom and had a house and kids and laundry and a sick mother to care for.

But slowly coffee has become a strong sedative. I’ve literally falling asleep with the coffee cup still in my hand. It takes about 15 minutes to kick in and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much coffee I get down before I pass out.

It’s so weird, The only thing I found on the internet said if you drink so much that you are missing sleep it will knock you out. But I only drink one maybe two cups a day and I’ve been getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, which is really good for me.

Have you heard of this? I don’t have ADHD if you were wondering that.

Sounds strange but lucky. Coffee gives me the jitters.

I find caffeine stimulating when feeling alert and neutral when tired. I’ve been known to take nap not long after having an energy drink. But it does help in the morning…

i drink a 300mg caffeine energy drink in the morning when i wake up then lay back down for a while

Coffee mildly stimulates me but it’s a slow process.
It doesn’t kick in right away.

It’s a bit addictive

I like coffee, I drink always in the morning, maybe during the day.

Hi, I once read that coffee can make medication stronger. Maybe it is making your medication more potent which is why it has a sedative effect.

I’ve grown accustomed to drinking loads of coffee. It doesn’t work as a sedative for me though.

Coffee always perks me up.

That’s interesting. Coffee helps me wake up

I only drink coffee when I visit my clubhouse and it gives me the craperoos. I find it physically stimulating, no mental effects, but I usually only have 2 cups.

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Caffeine makes me more anxious and alert as it would make most normies.

I have one coffee and it amps me up. Have two and I usually take a nap. It’s weird but for some I think I read it stimulates your sleep center of your brain so it’s actually being a sedative. I’d cut down or maybe try tea. Tea is more caffeine but a bit different how it affects you.

Mind you. It was only last two or three years if I have more than normal and it sedates me. Weird stuff the mind.

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maybe its not a sedative, but because perhaps youre addicted to it you get withdrawl without it and a cup helps ease your withdrawl which aids sleep. Idk just a theory. trying to help