Coffee and cigarettes

How did you manage to give up smoking? I am trying to kick this one, but it’s kicking me back.

Believe it or not I quit cold turkey, I drank lots of water and knew if I didn’t quit soon, I would have 2 serious illnesses in my life - cancer and schizoaffective

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I drink two glass of tea and smoke a pack of cigarettes(4mg Tar, 0.4mg nicotine).

I don’t smoke but i do drink a lot of coffee through out the day, i have severe sedation in the morning with out a cup of coffee to wake me up.

well, I screwed myself this month financially by buying a banjo last month, which means I’m broke except for food money until payday next Friday…which means I am down to one pack of cigs…I smoke two packs a day, so I guess I am lucky I am being forced to quit…smoking two packs a day is just madness…(even for a schizophrenic, ha), I tend to over eat when I quit which I must must not do this time. I really want to lose weight…anyways, I drink two pots of coffee a day too…not going to quit the coffee…wish me luck…tomorrow is day One.

i drink a lot of decaf and smoke a lot too. i want to quit the rollies but not till i’ve lost some weight. about two stone should do it. then i’ll cut down and quit. i don’t want to die of lung cancer like my husband or have to have a triple heart bypass!

There was a billboard sign next to the freeway once that read:
“Smoking is cheaper than a long life”

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Coffee and cigarettes are necessary for us- I have written papers and given presentations on this. Both serve to relieve symptoms and decrease sedation and sluggishness caused by medications (albeit by lowering the blood levels of medications).

I am fully recovered and smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day and drink around 400mg of caffeine. I need both to function, caffeine every 4 hours and a cigarette every hour. I function uncannily highly by the way. If I dont have my coffee, I can hardly play on my laptop and lack the motivation to watch anime, I just cant read subtitles and focus on a plot. I end up sleeping with my cats or dogs when I skip caffeine.

Schizophrenics are reported to have dramatically lower rates of cancer despite our average habit of a pack a day and 5 cups of coffee. 90% of people with schizophrenia smoke, most of them are heavy smokers, and virtually everybody who has schizophrenia drinks multiple cups of coffee per day.

I started nicotine and caffeine binging before and after school while I was prodromal and still in high school. Now I am fully recovered and need caffeine and nicotine to function. And it’s justified by my level of functioning! I am an outstanding success for my doctors, I am something to brag about, a fully recovered paranoid schizophrenic who functions very highly, more highly than most normal people. Oh, and he smokes and drinks coffee throughout the day. Falls asleep and is a zombie if he doesnt have his coffee, feels like hes gonna go insane again if he doesnt have a cigarette every hour.

Just wanted to share some of my latest findings in school and as a student who had schizophrenia.

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That’s why he’s called schizophrenic. He’s too self-involved.

I used to smoke two packs a day and drank at LEAST one pot of coffee each morning.
I quit smoking in 1994. I quit coffee some (maybe five) years ago but since I do like the taste I’ve gone back to having one cup of coffee but I often use decaf because I refuse to be addicted to anything…I refuse to give anyone a position of being able to control me by any means…if I have no addictions, then I cannot be manipulated.

I use snus. Wet snuff that you put under your lip. I’m trying to quit. I have cut down to less than half box a day. It’s about 7 snus.

I also drink coffee but not as much as I used to. I have one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. I also drink an energy drink in the morning sometimes.

Maybe we need the caffein to stay awake because the meds make us sleepy?

yes, our meds do make us sleepy. Its one of the most common and problematic side effects, drowsiness and sedation.

I might go back to smoking cigars - nicotine is good for SZ

I’ve been thinking that if I manage to quit smoking, but fall off the path of no nicotine, I would go for gum so I wouldn’t kill my lungs with smoking. I actually swam a 500 in under 9 minutes and I could still breathe. I know it’s not considered fast, and it’s not as good as I used to be, but it’s a little sign to me that the lungs are healing.


I have two cups of coffee in the morning to make me functional and then I use nicotine gum. I believe excessive drinking of caffeine can launch paranoia and mess up the brain. During the day I drink tea with honey.

I do not like how all clothes smell tobacco, if I smoke, I recommend nicotine gum. I do not like smell.

I believe that smoking makes a human to age faster. Once one car dealer who smoke looked very old, but then I asked how old he was. He was at my age. Smoking colors also teeth.

I am thinking about chewing nicotine gum also- I shall see

It’s different from person to person. I’ve seen people who are their best with a cup of coffee; but it seems that past the first cup, things go down hill for everyone(that I’ve seen). My dad is mentally ill(although he won’t admit it). He drinks almost nothing but coffee, and the more he drinks the more delusional he is…everyone’s talking about him…people are out to get him, etc… I’m the same way, just different delusions. I love coffee, it pushes me through the day, but I can feel it’s not USUALLY the best thing for me mentally. I just can’t entertain delusions while working or I’m done for the day before it even started.
It’s all in knowing what’s best for the individual person, and on what day, in what situation, etc…